Patient Communicator is a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform that moves phone calls to the web, allowing doctors and staff to answer questions easily. It's concierge service for patients, drives office efficiencies and is free for doctors.

Learn how Dr. Novich provides concierge care to his patients and was able to cut phone calls by 75% and lower his overhead to under 15%.

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant and safer than email
  • Easily manage incoming questions
  • Offer patients enhanced access
  • Push personalized content to patients in a one click
  • Attractive, intuitive patient portal


Information about Patient Communicator for Doctors

  • Reduce the burden of responding to administrative and non-urgent medical phone requests
  • Offer your patients a convenient method to communicate with your office
  • Free up your schedule to spend more time with patient visits

Patient Communicator  is a HIPAA-compliant messaging web site where your patients can ask questions online rather than through a disruptive phone call.  Patients pay a modest yearly fee for the service* and you enjoy increased monthly revenue. Finally, a simple service that allows you to easily provide concierge services to your patients.

  • Increase your revenue: Get paid for answering your patients’ questions online through a secure messaging platform.  A typical practice can generate an additional $10,000 per year
  • Offer concierge medicine: Our model lets you introduce concierge services to your patients while continuing to accept insurance.
  • Save time each day. Phone calls are disruptive and eat up most of the productive time from your staff.  Online communications from patients will free up the phone for other requests.

* If you want to provide secure messaging for free to your patients, we offer a $50/month plan for unlimited use.

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Get answers without a phone call

  • Can I eat this food while I’m on this medication?
  • I’m unclear about my bill from last week.
  • I don’t understand the directions on my prescription.

* Response time is determined by your doctor, typically 2 business hours during the week. Patient Communicator should not be used for urgent medical issues.

Patient Communicator is a secure messaging service that lets you ask your doctor non-urgent questions online rather than having to wait on hold and play phone tag.

  • Ask basic questions and get rapid responses
  • No more phone calls, waiting on hold, leaving messages or playing phone tag.
  • Enjoy concierge access for pennies a day
  • More secure and easier than email